October 15, 2020

“…I’ve done my homework, given it a great deal of thought and I’m in—I want to sign a card. I could meet with my rep again and sign a paper card, but I’m just as comfortable signing online; walk me through it.”


However you choose to sign a card, we will follow up with you.

There has been some confusion about how the electronic cards work and some misunderstandings that if you sign a card you are automatically a member and start paying dues. No, neither is accurate.

If you choose to sign a card, you can go to the What’s Next section of the web site and press “ELECTRONICALLY“. You will be prompted through each step of the form: full name, personal e-mail and personal phone number (optional) and branch location.

This does not automatically sign a card!

Clicking is step one.

Follow these simple steps to authenticate your card:

  • After you complete the above step from our website, a request for a card will be sent to one of our Reps and an Adobe E-Card will be emailed to you.
  • At this point you can choose to fill it out by signing it with either your finger or a stylus (if using a smartphone or tablet) or the mouse of your computer.
    • When the card opens, it will automatically date the card.
    • After tapping signature, you can sign your name, then press apply.
  • It will then prompt you to type your name, after typing your name you will press apply again. Only then will the card will be returned to us and will be counted as support.
  • You will automatically receive a signed copy for your records.

Completing the E-card does not automatically make you a member or start union dues payments. This is simply the evidence we use in support of our application to the OLRB.