OCS Contractor Survey #3: Reemergence & Adaptation

June 30, 2020

Since early May of this year, the Ontario Construction Secretariat has been conducting independent studies surrounding the impacts of COVID-19 on the ICI construction industry.  The OCS has surveyed ICI contractors throughout the province of Ontario to gain further insights.

The third survey in this series, titled Coronavirus Contractor Survey 3: Reemergence and Adaption was recently released.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Contractors continue to place employee health and safety as their top concern.
  • A potential second wave of COVID-19 is also a top concern.
  • While, on average, contractors say that only 28% of their activity was halted, 41% of work scheduled to start this year is still delayed.
  • Contractors are expecting an estimate 13% increase in costs due to new PPE and physical distancing requirements.
  • Almost three quarters of contractors are expecting a yearly decline in revenues by an average of 23% compared to 2019.
  • Contractors are starting to bid on more work.
  • owners are now including new health and safety requirements on their projects.
  • The majority of contractors believe they are meeting enhanced sanitation standards on their sites with over two thirds of contractors wanting enhanced sanitation practices to continue permanently
  • Two thirds of contractors have noted a delay in supply chain materials with one third noting delays in getting their building permits processed.

Review the full survey here: Coronavirus Contractor Survey #3: Re-emergence & Adaptation

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